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The SpecialQuest Group is completing current projects in progress.  New opportunities will be addressed by individuals of the SpecialQuest Group.

Current Contracts

State Level: Louisiana State Department of Education – Services to promote inclusion of young children with disabilities for selected school districts include:

  • inclusion planning with a leadership team
  • intensive training
  • follow-up support

Past Grant Activities

National Level
Head Start National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning (2011-2012):
Provided video development, product development, informational and participatory webinars.


State Level
SpecialQuest Birth–Five (2007-2010): Worked with 10 states on improving inclusive practices in states and communities.


Community Level
SpecialQuest Group (2010-2012): Provided a variety of customized training events and in-depth consultations over time.


Napa County Office of Education


Napa County Office of Education


What Participants Are Saying

Thank you for the quality services that you have provided over the years. I have participated in the training sessions and received so much valuable information and support. You have been a beacon of light to programs, staff, and the families we serve.

The experience of working on a collaborative statewide team focused on inclusive education has been life-changing and deeply fulfilling. The materials and model used for planning, facilitating and accomplishing work within meetings are extremely high quality, and I have been able to use the SQ model for our professional and agency development activities.